Curtains sometimes known as drapes is one of the most important window furnishing. Curtains are not only suitable for home usage, they are also widely used in commercial buildings, restaurants, cinemas as well as theatre stages. There are different kinds of fabrics to choose to blend to your different use..

Sheer or Net Curtain also known as Day Curtain allows you to have a full outside view and provides a good privacy during the day time. It allows majority of the light to transmit to your house and helps to provide a basic level of UV protection.

Opaque Curtain provides more privacy and different fabric can control the amount of light that you prefer to have in your home. We have Dim-out fabric (70-90% blockage of light) as well as those Black out curtain that you see in hotels that can provide up to 100% of blockage of light.

With a wide variety of fabrics to choose from, there will definitely a suitable curtain to blend into your interior concept.

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