Window Blinds is a must have for modern families. As most of the blinds are almost maintenance free, therefore instead of spending time to do cleaning for your window furnishing, you can utilize that time with your families and friends. There is a wide range of blinds for your different needs.

Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds are simple and neat and the easiest to maintain. A very popular choice for couples who are both working as it is almost maintenance free. Roller Blinds come with Indoor and outdoor systems. We have systems and fabrics specially for outdoors use only. Roller Blinds can be done in manual system as well as in motorised system.
Rainbow Blinds
A recent new trend of Roller blind will be the Korean Blinds also known as Rainbow Blinds. It gives a very modern and sophisticated look, a very popular choice for Interior designers. It can adjust the amount of light that come into your house. It is a good substitute for Day and Night Curtain.
Designer Blinds
Have you wonder how to make your Roller blinds to look different from others? Print your favourite picture or a special design of your own choice and make it to your very own designer Roller Blinds. It’s also a very popular choice for commercial use for printing company name or products for display.
Outdoor Roller Blinds
Heavy duty Outdoor system specially designed to withstand outdoor environment. It comes with cable guided system to stable the blinds for windy conditions. A lot of customers used modified indoor blinds to put at outdoor as the price is more competitive. But sometimes due to bad weather condition, the blinds might fall off the bracket.
Roman Blinds
Roman shades are a great, tailored alternative to curtains. It gives a very soft and neat look. It’s one of the popular choices among Interior Designers.
Venetian Blinds
Venetian Blinds are horizontal slatted blinds that can be done with aluminium, PVC or wooden slats. In the early days, aluminium venetian blinds are very popular, but nowadays more people have switched to use either wooden or PVC slats as it’s easier to maintain. The Blinds can be done in manual as well as in motorised system.
Vertical Blinds
Vertical Blinds is very suitable for sliding doors as well as to act like a partition to slow down the cold air from the air-con to leak to another area. Vertical blinds are less likely to collect dust in comparison to horizontal blinds. If you want a more modern look Vertical Blinds, you can go for the Vertical Sheer. Do head down to our showroom to have a look at the actual mock up set.
Panel Blinds
Panel Blinds is another alternative for Sliding doors and partitions. It’s suitable for large patio doors and windows.

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